Actuarial Science – A Sound Education in Actuarial and Financial Studies

If you’ve got a head for numbers and statistics then why not consider putting those quantitative skills to the test with a career in Actuarial Science. Actuarial Science involves the application of these skills to solve problems that normally involve risk or uncertainty, together with finance. It is a vitally important skill to boast, with the ability to be a success in investment management and financial analysis in the future.

BSc Actuarial Science courses are readily available from London business schools that have unrivalled links to the City of London – continually regarded as the epicentre of global business and finance. Studying at one of the world’s highly acclaimed business schools equips students with both the academic knowledge and the skills employers are actively seeking.

It is possible for students without A Levels to complete a one-year foundation course to prepare for the degree, covering maths, statistics, probability, economics and computational mathematics.

The basis of an Actuarial Science degree is to develop a key knowledge of the financial system and the actuarial and statistical subjects.

However, in order to qualify as an actuary, undergraduates are required to pass professional examinations of the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries. Students will have specific modules in all three years of their degree giving them the opportunity to earn exemptions from eight of the nine core technical stage modules and a total of thirteen of these professional examinations.

Actuarial Science students are also in the enviable position of being able to receive a limited number of bursaries and prizes. Some London business schools offer a bursary which is guaranteed to all UK undergraduates who receive the full maintenance grant from their local education authority.

The majority of Actuarial Science graduates become actuarial trainees and study for the Institute of Actuaries’ examinations. Meanwhile others embark on careers in investment banking and investment management, or in accountancy, commercial banking, insurance and financial analysis. Needless to say London business schools provide the finest industry links for future employment after graduation.