Career Chemistry

Just as important as making sure you and your partner are compatible is making sure you and your job are. Certain personalities naturally excel in specific areas. John Holland, a career psychologist, has identified six groups of working people.

First, there are realistic people. These people are practical and straightforward. The like to work with concrete objects and are very hands on. Careers that are most compatible would be orthodontist, electrician, surgical technologist, or biomedical engineer.

Second, is investigative people. They are the intellectuals. They always seem to be in the pursuit of science and are eager to analyze information. Good careers for this group include professor, physician’s assistant, software developer, veterinarian, or librarian.

The next classification is artistic people. These are the creative and imaginative individuals. They can serve as wonderful problem solvers due to their ingenuity. Great careers for this personality include landscape architect, director, producer, graphic designer, interior designer, or editor.

The fourth group is social people. These people care deeply about others and yearn to make a difference. They exude high amounts of empathy, patience and generosity. They are good at helping others find a consensus. Careers that would be most compatible are school psychologist, nurse, mediator, physical therapist, and social worker.

The next category is enterprising people. These are your competitive individuals. They are highly energetic and extroverted. They are the entrepreneurs who see the big picture and are able to delegate tasks. This personality exceeds best in careers such as an executive, sales representative, financial manager, or sales manager.

Lastly, are conventional people. This personality is very orderly. They pay attention to detail and are highly efficient. They are found in professions such as accountant, financial planner, actuary, technical writer, or building inspector.

Although this categorization system is not perfect, it is a starting point. Individuals might be a combination of a couple of categories. Whatever one is, it is important that their assets are being capitalized on and not wasted.

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