Discover 3-Six Figure Jobs on a List of Salaries For Careers

In this article, you’ll easily discover six figure jobs which can be found on a list of salaries for careers. We are talking about the $100K a year range; which contains some of the highest paying occupations that undoubtedly call for hard work and consistency.

You get no free lunches on your road to wealth. Moreover, there are no get rich quick routes available to you either. As a matter of fact, you should plan and plot your pathway by learning each of the six figure jobs found on the list of salaries for careers.

Career moves are always an acceptable option. Increasing your education foundation adds favorable versatility to the skills you bring to the table. This angle can certainly enhance your ability to reach your six figure income goal. This article will consider salaries of six figure jobs.

Software Engineers

You’ll need a bachelor’s degree in computer programming in order to get yourself a decent start. Depending on where you obtained your degree, you could start right on the precipice of $100k per year.

That’s a solid start to any career. It will take some time for you to reach the magical $150k arena, but with experience and hard work, it can be achieved.


Do you have exceptional math and statistical skills? Are you comfortable in the financial or insurance sector? Consider becoming an Actuary.

Mind you, actuaries must go through so many rigorous certification exams; that by the time they become an Actuary they are in the $120K area anyway. Topping out at $160k is not unheard of.

Actuaries do a lot of number crunching, estimates, insurance and investment strategies. The vast majorities hold a bachelor’s degree in statistics, math or finance and sometimes they hold advanced degrees.

Marketing Managers

If you are worth your salt as a Marketing Manager, you’ve got it made. You can end up in a very demanding position, but you can also wind up raking $170k into the coffers.

Depending on your experience, advanced degrees, organizational skills and most of all your creativity, that $170k can end up being left in the dirt. The sky would be the limit.

Marketing Managers must be able to juggle, while always keeping their eye on the ball. They must be able to jell customers, with products and services. They lead complex marketing campaigns that involve not only customers, but also their competition.

When considering how each of these six figure jobs makes it onto a list of salaries for careers, two planks that seem to be necessary ingredients are experience and continuous education. These are some of the highest paying occupations, so hard work must also be figured into that mix.